Small Plates

Calamari Hot Rings


Southern Fried Sardines with roast garlic and black pepper sauce


Chorizo Stuffed Squid with Garlic Truffle


Fish Tacos (2)


Veg Tempura with Shishimi Togarashi & pickled Ginger sauce


Chicken Wings (6) with smoked applewood sauce


Main Dishes

Thai Fish Burger
with Chips, Lime and Chilli Sauce


Mackerel Poke
with Seaweed Rice, Kimchi, Edamame and Cucumber


Whole Fried Seabass
with Tamarind & Lime Sauce, Pancakes, Pickles and Sambal


Soy and Ginger Fried Chicken Thighs
with Hot and Sour potato salad and Kimchi


Fish & Chips

Classic in Panko Breadcrumbs
with Tartare Sauce and Seaweed Salted Chips


Cajun Panko Breadcrumbs
with Lemon Cajun Sauce and Seaweed Salted Chips


Kerala Spiced Tempura
with Curried Pineapple Ketchup and Seaweed Salted Chips


Lemon and Basil in Tempura Batter
with Garlic Truffle Sauce and Seaweed Salted Chips



Peas and Dulse


Celeriac and Fennel Slaw


Wakame and Cucumber Pickles


Seaweed Salted Chips



Salted Caramel Pretzel Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream




Ice Cream


(£1 each)



Garlic Truffle

Spiced Mango Ketchup

Tom Yum Ketchup


For allergen details please ask a member of our team:
A discrepionary of 10% service charge is added to your bill.